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That depends on which subscription level you choose! Take a look at the comparison between our free and premium options to learn more.

Where can I see a sample of the newsletter?

Our recent posts page includes both a free and premium newsletter sample.

Help! I'm not receiving emails.

Our delivery platform is very reliable; however, email delivery can be tricky. Here are some things we'd suggest you check if you are not receiving any of our newsletters.

  1. Confirm your subscription
  2. Sign in and select the Manage Account option. In your account make sure the email newsletter subscription is enabled.

  3. Check your email spam or junk folder
  4. It isn't normal for our messages to be marked as spam, but it is still a good troubleshooting step.

  5. Using Gmail?
  6. Check your Promotions folder for our messages.

  7. Add us as a contact
  8. Adding noreply@takld.com as a contact may help mail services (like Gmail) direct our messages to your inbox.

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